Computer Laboratory

Oshwal college computer labs are well equipped with State of the art flat screen computers. The college has enough computers for all students. The lab is well designed to support conducive learning environment. To boost student’s research on different disciplines, internet access is available for all Oshwal College students. All they need to have is a username and a password. Computer lab assistant is always available to assist any student that might have a query.
With the facilities in the computer lab, students feel comfortable to move from one machine to another without causing any disturbance. This further promotes conducive discussion environment for students.


Information and Communication Technology infrastructure is projected to assume great importance to the development of the College in the coming years. The College has already positioned itself strategically for these challenges. It is a partner of University of Greenwich . The College has a working local area network (LAN) and has distributed computers to the library, Finance and Academic Records Registry. Plans have been envisaged to offer wireless connection in the Library to allow students to access internet through their personal laptops. This will ease congestion in the Labs.

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