About the Library

LibraryOshwal College Library is located on the 2nd Floor of the Main Block. The Library’s core business is the provision and dissemination of information for academic, research and teaching excellence and fostering professional development while seeking to remain a pertinent and vital unit in the college.
The Library, which is WI-Fi enabled, provides information and library services for the entire College community. Its stock has a rich collection of information materials in both print and non-print formats. These include volumes of up-to-date books, periodicals and Newspapers.

Our Objectives

  • To acquire relevant information in all formats and facilitate timely access to authoritative and up-to-date information through proper organization of these resources.
  • Provide a serene and conducive environment for study and research.
  • To impart information literacy skills to the users through provision of user education.
  • To acquire and use new, emerging, and established technological platforms in support of research, teaching and learning, and to facilitate collaboration with other libraries locally and internationally.
  • To create and enhance reading and research culture that supports the College’s unique programs and initiatives.

Library Services

Who is eligible to use the library?

  • Registered students for the Current Semester
  • College Staff


  • Circulation(Lending, Renewal , and Reservation services)
  • Reference and Referral services
  • Current Awareness Services
  • Reprographic Services (Not infringing the Intellectual Property Rights)
  • Selective Dissemination of Information(SDI)
  • Unlimited access to the Internet

Lending Services

Registered members are allowed to borrow library information resources as per the library policy which is available on request from the Librarian.

Overdue Fines

Books not returned by the due date attract fines as per the library’s lending policy.
NB: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are included in calculating all the fines for overdue materials.

Library Working Hours

Monday to Friday: 08.30 AM- 7.45PM
Saturday: 08.30 AM- 4.00 PM

The Library is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Information Resources

In its endevour to support academic, research and teaching needs of the College, the library has in stock the latest books, newspapers, leading journals and magazines such as Forbes Africa, Management, Business Journal Africa, BBC Focus on Africa, CIO East Africa, The Economist, Time, Supply Management, ACCA Student Accountant, ACCA Accounting and Business Magazine, Harvard Business Review, CFA Journal, The Accountant Journal, ABE Student Focus, ABE Business Executive, Oshwal Youth Magazine, OERB Reach etc. In order to supplement the print information collection, the library provides unlimited access to high-speed internet for accessing the latest information.

Library Rules and Regulations

  • Order and silence must be maintained at all times in the Library.
  • Smoking, eating, drinking and sleeping in the Library is prohibited.
  • Briefcases, bags, overcoats, hats, umbrellas, etc., are not allowed in the book/shelf area.
  • Borrowers must present a valid college card to check out materials
  • Stealing or attempting to steal a library document or any of the library property is an offence. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the offender.
  • The library will not take responsibility for loss or damage of personal property left in the reading and baggage areas.
  • Mobile phones and other devices likely to cause disturbances should not be used in the library unless their use is silent.
  • Ink bottles, paints etc., which may accidentally damage library materials are not allowed into the library.
  • Damage of library materials, equipment, property, or building is prohibited and must be reported immediately to the librarian. Those responsible must pay for the damage.
  • The Library reserves the right to ask any person to stop using computer equipment if the library staff has reasonable grounds to believe that that person is misusing it.
  • Computers are provided for the purpose of research and other educational endeavors. Misuse of these facilities is prohibited.

Communicating With The Library

You can contact the College Librarian or Assistant College Librarian for any queries Via:

Telephone: +254 20 3748005

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