Clubs at Oshwal College

Photography & Media club

This clubs seeks to provide a platform for students to express themselves through dramatic photographic settings. The students are encouraged to take photos based on the weekly or monthly theme.


  • Enhance student awareness and participation in social activities such as gender equality, poverty alleviation, participation in governance, promotion of traditional sectors, articles on social issues etc.
  • Provide coverage (photographic) of college events.
  • Enhance artistic creativity within the college.
  • Organize photography contests on varying themes.
  • Provide complimentary photographs for the college website and magazine.

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Dancing club

This is a club where students train with professional coaches to learn various types and styles of dances that are exhibited in performances.


  • To promote the art of dancing and learn different types of dances
  • To develop a complex understanding of history of different dances
  • To engage in physical dance training
  • To synthesize contextual literacy, making and performing choreography, and their own physical dance practice
  • To give a new twist to the students’ social life at Oshwal College
  • To have fun

Environmental CLub

The purpose of the club is to educate students, staff, and faculty on environmental issues, improve environmental practices on campus and in the community, and sponsor environmental affairs and events


  • rising environmental awareness among college students
  • Increasing the green area in the college
  • beautify the college grounds internal and external
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the college
  • instilling the spirit of volunteerism among students – Karura Tree planting
  • help students master skills such as care on plants
  • Establishing the love of belonging to the environment
  • help the college to get rid of some trash (old books – cafeteria trash)
  • Implementation and improvement of the activity of recycling in college

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